SOLAR OBSERVATION (Make-up assignment for required observation):

For those who miss the solar observation of the sun, you may make this up by watching the film "Power of the Sun" (call# 0421).  There's a copy of the DVD in the LRC learning center (in the library).  You must watch the video at the SBCC Learning Resource Center (LRC) next to the library, and be sure to use YOUR student ID to sign in and sign out.  To receive credit, you must sign in and sign out for THIS specific video.  There are two videos on the DVD.  One is 56 minutes long and is a general introduction to the sun and how we harness the power of the fun.  The second video is 20 minutes long and is geared to the science of solar cells.  You only need to watch the 56 minute introductory video.  The 20 minute science video is optional.  To receive credit, you will need to bring to class a one page paper (full page double spaced- 250 words or so), on your thoughts and impressions.  Include an overview of the film, a description of what goes on inside the sun, and some of the technologies we use to harness the power of the sun.  Your paper must be specific to this video.  Be sure to submit your own original work.  This make-up assignment is due in lab within two weeks of the date of the solar observation, or on the last night of lab (whichever is first).  All materials submitted will be run through our plagiarism detection service.