For Test Reviews!
BEST TIMES:  10:00 am - 11:30 am Monday through Thursday (must finish by 11:30 am).
If the times above don't work, email Libby at to set up an appointment.
Our administrative assistant is generally available during the times shown - however, she may be in and out of the office running errands.  If she is not in, just wait a few minutes and she should return shortly. 


You may review tests with Libby in EBS 114 only during the times posted above.  These will only be available for one week after the tests are graded and scores emailed to you, or until the next test is given (whichever comes first).

WARNING: EBS 114 is an office. Therefore expect normal office activity such as people working around you, the answering of phones, the running of duplicating machinery, and students/staff coming in/out.

Clicker quizzes are considered in class activities and there are no make ups.  Please try and be in class regularly.